Sunday, November 20, 2005

graduación: kinder style

so on friday, megan, anna and i went to dayana´s graduation from ¨kinder,¨ which is basically kindergarten. this thing lasted longer than my college graduation, i´m not even kidding. at 9:00 there was a mass. at 10:00 there was the handing out of diplomas. at 11:00 there was a lunch at the school. after that there was another lunch at my family´s house. yes, you did read that correctly.....dayana graduated from KINDERGARTEN. the girls dressed up in these fancy gowns, while the boys wore these little suits. they had to have an ¨escort,¨ as well, to walk the ten feet from the school gate to the room where the diplomas were being handed out. then they got like 3 presents each from the school. did they get books, or pencils, or crayons??? no. the girls got barbies, or barbie-related items. the boys got toy tanks and airplanes. it´s kind of ironic that they make such a big deal about graduating from kindergarten, and spend virtually no effort to actually give these kids awesome educations after that. but, in any event, the pomp and circumstance was great, and the kids were cute.

we had an earthquake on thursday night (i think it was thursday...). i guess it registered 6.0 and it was centered somewhere in la libertad. this one was kind of weird, because i was standing in my room trying to organize some stuff, and i heard a bunch of dogs barking like crazy outside. then i heard the door start to rattle and i thought someone was trying to get into the house. i looked out into the living room and everything was shaking. my mom came out of the other bedroom when it was over and was holding her hand over her chest, saying how nervous she was. i guess after living through the two huge earthquakes that were centered somewhere near san vicente in 2001, she has grounds to be nervous whenever there is a temblor now.

i go see my site tomorrow. i´m kind of nervous, but i´m excited to see where i´ll be spending my next two years. aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

i´m attaching more pics......also, i´ve added some in the ¨tortillas are better in the east¨ entry. these are from field based training.


dayana at her graduación (her escort is the kid in the blue)

dayana and i

dayana (and her escort) getting ready to walk to get her diploma

sindy and dayana

ana´s sister, jacqueline, and her daughter fiorela