Tuesday, March 28, 2006

photo bonanza!!

well, i know i just posted yesterday - but i have all these photos to show you and i thought - what the hell, i´ll just post them anyway. so have a look!!!

kids in 1st and 2nd grade (and a few older kids scattered amongst them) on our way for a little field trip to this guy’s horse farm through the cafetal and up the road

walking through the cafetal back to the school after the field trip

this is first grader abby and she’s one of those girls that’s in her own world entirely. one day the kids were out playing for “fisica” – which is “physical education” and the boys were playing soccer and she and this other girl wanted to play with them. and the boys were like “there’s another ball over there you can play with” and she’s like “we don’t want to play with that one, we want to play with you.” then she and the other girl proceeded to join the game and then, at one point, she was hot so she just took her shirt off and was shaking her hair like she was some kind of model or something and kept playing. finally mirna saw her and was like “abby you have to put your shirt back on” and she’s shaking her hair back like she’s totally comfortable and says “no, i’m hot!” so then mirna was like “you have to abby, you have chiches (boobies).” so she finally did. i think abby’s hilarious.

these are the kids in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade playing soccer

these (and the following two photos) are kids in 1st and 2nd grade playing soccer

super shy, but totally photogenic!

working on an art project

these girls LOVE getting their picture taken

on the cancha for “fisica” – these kids (and all the rest of them) are so friggin’ cool

having a “hop on one leg” race

racing to the finish line....the girl in the red is so cute. she’s partially deaf and has trouble understanding stuff, but she is the sweetest kid in the world – always gives me a hug when i come to the school

doing a cheer for the boys playing soccer (abby, on the far right opted for cheerleader instead of player this time!)

getting ready to leave school for the day

look at the kids in the background running to get in the photo – totally hysterical. after i take the picture, there’s always a bunch of kids surrounding me saying “quiero ver! quiero ver!” (“i want to see! [the photo]”)

the kid on the left in the white t-shirt has got to be the cutest kid EVER! he’s always smiling and happy

hanging out

smiling big – the girl with the tank top is so animated.....one day she was waiting for her mom to come and get her at the school so she asked me if i’d ever seen the movie “cinderella” and i was like “yeah, i love that movie.” so then she came over to a desk across from where i was sitting and was like “can i sit down?” and so she sat down and proceeded to tell me the entire story of cinderella from beginning to end. and it was so cute because she kept saying “entonces, ___________ y entonces ________.” entonces means “and then” or “so.” she’s really cute.

same kids, same smiles

me (with a nasty sunburn) and three kids - ruth (with the gigantor soda bottle), irene and david

these are what the huertos looked like when i first got to the school

these are the huertos about halfway done. the kids and i only used a machete, a hoe and our hands to clear the zacate

kinder kids helping water the flowers at the school

the girl in the white dress has the name ¨lady,¨ believe it or not. the other girl is wendy...she´s in the previous photo helping water flowers at the school. wendy has a deep raspy voice and it’s so funny hearing her talk.

two really cool girls in 4th grade