Monday, November 06, 2006

me and my sangre dulce

this is a totally boring post, but i think i have athlete´s foot or some such bullshit. i know i got something bacterial on my feet because when i was walking back from nate´s i walked through this river to get to the other side of the road. so now i´m in complete agony with itchy feet that won´t stop itching! oh my god. what next?

oh, i know. mosquitoes and ants. so on top of the athlete´s foot, i have a gazillion insect bites as well. everyone here tells me i have ¨sangre dulce¨ (sweet blood) and that´s why i get bit more often. and when these insects bite me it´s 10 times worse because my blood´s so they feast for longer. is that true? i mean, outside of the vampire community, how can one tell the deliciousness of blood? are they putting me on? i think i did ask one of my volunteer friends and they told me that if you have a certain blood type, it´s more enticing to those of the insect crowd. but i honestly want to know if this is true? at first when the salvadorans were telling me this i thought they were joking. but then more people kept telling me. i mean, it all just sounds like hogwash to me. but to tell you the truth when i get mosquito, ant and other insect bites, i feel like i´m gonna die a slow death scratching and scratching and scratching. i´m O+ (sssshhhh, don´t tell anything with 6 legs this...por favor!) and i seem to get more bites like this on my feet and ankles and legs than anywhere else. and ugh! ugh! ugh! somebody shoot me!