Thursday, January 18, 2007

the moment you´ve all been waiting for!

i finally have my entries about my trip up! i´m excited to finally have them done. anyway, i entered them a bit differently this time. first of all, you don´t have to scroll down to start. i´ve put them in order, from top to basically all you have to do is read the entry following this one and keep on reading. the entries go from first visited to last visited. secondly, each stage of the trip is a separate entry, instead of each day like i did it before. there are seven entries in all:

1) off we go...
2) esquipulas, guatemala
3) quiriguá, guatemala
4) río dulce, gatemala and belize
5) lívingston, guatemala
6) copán ruinas, honduras
7) and back on to the savior...

so i hope you enjoy the reading. it might take you some time because there is a lot of writing and a lot of pictures. but i think it´s worth it!

so for now, adios. i´ll get back to you in a week or so with an update on starting up with the school again.

happy reading....