Friday, August 24, 2007

and things become slower again

ok, so it´s been a week since i returned to el salvador. yes, this will be news to those of you who i sadly didn´t get to see while i was home (and for the other people out there in weird cyberspace that apparently read my blog....this by the way, has really caught me completely off-guard, as obvious as it might seem. i really only initially intended my fam and friends to read the blog, to keep updated on what i´m up to without me having to send e-mails to every single person all the time. but the random e-mails i get from these other strangers are, for the most part, quite endearing and sometimes, funny. so now i´ll include these unknown people in my ¨intended readers¨ thought process).

back on the last day of july, i ventured north of the border, and even farther north of the border, until i arrived in steamy ohio. i spent about three ungodly hot and humid weeks back in the buckeye state, with the comforts of sound-proof housing and washing machines. i´ll get another entry in next week which will detail more about why i came back for a visit (even though i professed that i wasn´t coming home at all during my two year service) and how i am completely baffled as to how i ever lived within 500 feet of sea level. as relaxing and enjoyable as the time in el norte was, it still felt demasiado rápido, and i felt a sense of relief upon arriving at my doorstep last saturday. not relief as in ¨thank god i´m away from my friends and family and thank god it´s back to tortillas and beans every day and thank god i get to listen to roosters or chuchos all through the night,¨ but more like, ¨thank god i´m really not ´supposed´ to be anywhere at any certain time, and thank god i don´t have to hear about lindsay lohan and the upcoming presidential election every day, all day, and thank god the temperature´s under 85 degrees and there´s absolutely no humidity.¨ man i love the mountains.

i´ve got a bunch of other stuff to post about too, so i guess my work is cut out for me. this week back to work and the school really made it seem as if i never was gone...stepped right back into my ciencia y medio ambiente lessons at the school as well as meetings with the committee (the trash truck broke down again, nothing new there!)

tomorrow i´m going down to barra de santiago, a beachfront town that is the home/site of a married peace corps couple. this will serve as august´s full moon ¨hike,¨ no mountains included. we´ll be protecting sea turtle eggs as well, so that´ll be a feel-good experience. that and the campfire, bluegrass and red, red wine/flor de caña consumption. aaahh, el salvador. hogar dulce hogar.

until the next entry, cuídese amigos.