Thursday, January 24, 2008

no estoy perdida

ok, so yes, it´s been a month since i´ve posted. but the majority of that time, i was in the states, and you all know how the states are, so why would i post about that? anyway, i´m back...i´ve been back for a couple of weeks and everyone here is in the middle of coffee cutting season. on one hand, it´s boring...for those of us not out cutting´s ¨bien silencio¨as everyone likes to say. school starts on monday, but there will be maybe two or three kids that show up. plus, some of the school´s roof got torn off during a fierce wind storm that ripped through the country while i was watching snow fall back in the states. the areas of the country that are at a higher altitude had some really terrible damages to houses and fallen trees and the like. so we´re not sure if we´ll even be able to have classes when school actually starts.....which, technically, is starting a couple weeks late anyway because the schools in this area have ¨permiso¨ to start two weeks late due to the fact that there would be no kids that showed up (because they are all out in the coffee forests) if they were to set the start date on the day that all the other schools in the country actually start. so anyway, in the next post i will show you some of the damages to the school.

this weekend courtney and her friend from the states are coming to visit and we´re going to do some serious hiking, then we´re off to guatemala for a couple days. but when i come back, hopefully the ministerio de educación will have fixed our school roof and i can put up my periodico mural and we can have normal classes. it´s not likely though. ugh!

but with all that being said, i´m excited to start this next year. the comité has been working hard (we fixed a road in san jorge on sunday....although, i was the only female out there working with all these men...which got me some strange looks from some of the old women in town..haha), and i think despite all the problems my school has, it´ll be a great year.

adios for now!