Saturday, November 26, 2005

happy thanksgiving, a few days late!

my site visit was so wierd. i love the geography and the terrain of ahuachapan. it’s super “frio” at night, compared to the other places i’ve been, and really windy. i didn’t know if that was because of the changing of the seasons, or because i was just in a really cold place – but when i got back to san vicente on thursday, and went into the training center on friday, i heard that el salvador is going through some kind of cold spell right now. ashley said that wednesday morning was the coldest she has ever experienced while she’s been here. there just seems to be such an extreme between when it’s cold and when it’s hot. it’s like we’re in the desert or something.
anyway – i’ve updated the entry for each day of my site visit. so if you want to read about the entire site visit, you have to scroll down until you get to the first day – which is titled “thank god for the simpsons.” if you don’t, then some of the entries closer to the top won’t really make much sense. but do whatever you want!

i just got a letter from my friend saying that crazy tom cruise and toledo’s own katie holmes are buying a house in toledo. apparently this is the same exact house where i lived with this humongous family and took care of their kids during my college years at the university of toledo......WTF?? i guess this is old news to everyone who knew me back then and lives in toledo now. i think it’s hilarious. they are getting a nice house, though. but what can you expect from tom cruise, doesn’t he always manage to get everything he wants one way or another???
i hope that you guys working at my old job at gallagher, sharp got the day after thanksgiving off. if not, don’t forget to put in your request for that day off in january!!!!