Wednesday, April 19, 2006

la procesión

good friday was the last night of the procesión through apaneca so i went out and tried to get some photos. obviously, it was dark, so the photos are what they are...but, you know, whatever!

the beginning of the procession

i wasn´t going to include this photo, but then i saw the kid in the left hand corner grinning and it just made me laugh

more of the procession (FYI, the spots on the photo are specks of dust/polvo that is blowing around because of the strong wind)

the casket of jesus - the guys carrying it would change every block or so, it looked really heavy.

more of the procession...these statues were carried behind the casket of jesus. notice how there are people wearing winter hats and coats. it was probably about 85 degrees during the day and at night we seriously need fleeces and hats! (and i just noticed that that one dude is wearing a leopard print jacket??)

this is an alfombra (not sure if i´m spelling it right), but the procession followed along the streets of apaneca, and where the procession went there were these ¨paintings¨ on the streets of various scenes related to the death of jesus. the material is some kind of finely granulated salt and then they dye it different colors to draw the pictures. some were really detailed and some were not, but they were all really cool.

a romero shrine outside someone´s house (if you didn´t already know, romero was the catholic priest that was murdered - allegedly by the u.s.-backed salvadoran military - during the civil war)

this is one of the more detailed alfombras, as you can see, in comparison to the previous ones

roberto, nina teresita´s son, helped decorate this alfombra

i think this is supposed to be the virgen de guadalupe, but it was dark and i couldn´t really see it that clearly at the top