Thursday, March 01, 2007

check out how popular my friends are!

no, seriously. here is an article in the miami herald about two friends of mine (we are all in the same ag4/ee group here in peace corps el sal). i think it´s a great article. make sure you check out the slide shows!

as for me:

pintura de aceite (oil paint) + niños + el salvador sun = pure craziness!

but it´s been fun. we probably won´t finish the map until next week because of the ever-changing schedules of the teachers, but no hay problema. the kids LOVE it and in-between cleaning up paint spills and teaching the kids that they don´t need humongous globs of paint on their brushes, we´re in the process of creating a really beautiful map. and despite the fact that the teachers think that i should do it all (¨so the kids don´t ruin it¨ - were their exact words), i´ve managed to pretty much include everyone in the process.

in addition to this, it is blazing hot here right now. yes, even in the mountains i´m getting a sunburn every day. pero, it´s nice to be warm all day for a change.

not much more news to report.....i´ve changed my lunch routine. now if that´s not muy importante, hot-off-the-presses news, i don´t know what is! no, i´ve started eating up at niña domy´s house where it´s a lot more tranquilo and i don´t have to sit and listen to the teachers chambre (gossip) for an hour. sure, every day a mouse runs across the floor when i´m eating at niña domy´s, but it´s so much more peaceful chatting with her than with the teachers! plus, her lunch only costs 75 cents instead of the dollar i was paying niña flor. that leaves me a quarter left for more mango.

well, i´ll leave you on that bit of hot news......

adios for now!