Wednesday, January 21, 2009

one final graduación

well, back in november i attended my final salvadoran graduation. it was a really busy day. in the morning we had the graduation for my school and later antonio and i were invited to attend papa chepe´s daughter´s graduation in ataco. it was a bittersweet experience! although i was glad to see all the kids graduating, it was sad to think i wouldn´t be there with them again next year...especially those 6th graders. this year´s group of sixth graders were really great and i had been with them since they were in 4th grade. they are all supposedly going on to 7th grade which is a big change from the previous sixth grade classes i had worked with. so i was really proud of them, especially the girls. anyway, here´s some photos from our school´s graduation.

me and the 6th grade girls.....they are on their way to seventh grade! as for me, i´m on my way back home.....

luz de maria

the graduating kindergartners

don jorge´s son abel (don jorge was one of the witnesses for my wedding)

me with two really great 5th graders, ruth and selena

all in the family.....deysi, the oldest, with her two sisters reina and heydi

6th grader rafael antonio

me and jenifer (and her little sister in front)

the 6th graders with the teachers

me with chus, ever and luisito - maria laura´s son

next it was on to papa chepe´s daughter´s graduation. she goes to a catholic school in ataco that has a really large number of students. i thought that was really nice that they invited us to the graduation because it wasn´t just the church ceremony and then the ceremony at the colegio. it was dinner and dessert as well! that´s what i love about salvadorans....even if you are not a physical member of their family they will treat you like you are. they invite you to eat with them, invite you to all kinds of family-oriented celebrations and are really happy to have you. that´s what makes peace corps so get to make all these new ¨families¨ even when you´re missing your family back home. anyway, here are some photos from that event.

me with papa chepe´s family

papa chepe´s whole family (and antonio) and the graduating girls

me and papa chepe after dinner at the colegio

papa chepe´s daughter (right) and her cousin with their medals for excellent marks

so that´s the last graduation i´ll be attending here in el sal and i hope everyone who i taught and saw leave my school in san jorge continues to study until they graduate from university!! buena suerte!