Tuesday, May 02, 2006

día de la tierra (earth day)

so as i told you a couple days ago, saturday april 22nd was earth day. i wasn´t sure what kind of thing i could do with the kids, since i didn´t have any supplies to do any more activities. so i basically just went into the 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade classrooms and talked with them about what earth day is. then i asked them to think of one thing they could do to take care of, or clean, the earth. i gave them some paper and they each wrote down one (or a couple) things they could do, and then i said they should draw a picture of it as well. i was really surprised because they had a lot of ideas - the 3rd/4th graders were into not throwing trash on the ground and the 5th/6th graders were all about planting trees and flowers and plants. they were super amped that i was going to teach for a little bit, which made me tons more confident about teaching them. and they did an awesome job during the activity. anyway, i´m posting some pictures of their pictures and of them working on the project. it´s kind of cool to see. well, at least to me it is - not just because of the whole earth day thing, but because seeing their finished products means they understood me and my spanish and were able to do what i asked them to!

anyway, i´m excited because it´s finally time to start planting stuff. although my lombrices dirt isn´t quite ready yet, i can still use some of it (mixed with black dirt) to sembrar the seeds in the starters. today i nade the lombrices dirt and the black dirt together and tomorrow the little kids are going to plant flower seeds with me. then on thursday we´re going to start our first round of vegetables. i´m really happy about it! it´s kind of like spring here because the rainy season has started and there´s less polvo blowing around - it´s just really beautiful everywhere. and after being in san vicente and san andres where it was just ungodly hot, i´m so happy to be back in my site. ok - well, i´ll have pictures of all the planting later, but for now here´s some of the earth day thing.


- geovany, omar and david (FYI, in most of the photos where they´re working, i had to tell them that i was only going to take pictures of them if they were actually working..because they LOVE getting their photos taken and always want to pose and act crazy, which is cool when we´re just out during recreo or whatever...but they were supposed to be working here! and so they were trying to act serious, but were having a hard time of it. also they´re using crayons and markers that my cool mom sent for the kids here because they don´t have that kind of stuff here. she sent a bunch of supplies that were left over in her class and her school where she teaches 1st grade. way cool!)

- jonathon

- josue and lucas

- juan carlos

- sandra

- sonia

- william