Thursday, June 29, 2006

argentina vs. alemania

tomorrow, june 30, 2006 - not sure what time in the states, but somewhere ´round nine or so here. seriously, even if you don´t like soccer all that much, it will be a really exciting game. germany kicks ass, but as you all know, i´m all about argentina who also kicks ass. they rolled all over mexico last saturday, well maybe not ¨rolled over,¨ the score was only 2-1. find a t.v.! my soccer conversations are really limited, because if i try and talk to any guys over 16 years old about it, then they think i want to go out with them. so basically any talk about soccer that i have is with 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys, and antonio, so somebody needs to watch the game! por favor!

anyways, things have been kind of busy here lately. i have a bunch of things to write about, but have been working like crazy lately - i did the most amazing charla today! so i will try and post something soon. if i don´t before the 4th, have a great one and don´t shoot anybody´s eye out (rudy, steve, mark, bryan) with crazy fireworks! have fun eating hot dogs and s´mores and baked beans and potato salad and picture me back in molineros at dayana´s birthday party eating salvadoran cake and swatting at some kind of crazy piñata in the ten million degree heat. my friend might have a 4th party the weekend after on the beach, so that would be really swell. we´ll see.

not much else to report right this second, but i´m sure that´ll change real soon. i´ll just post a couple pics.