Wednesday, May 03, 2006

no reading required!!!

well, there´s some reading required on this post....but it´s mostly photos. i´m at the internet place that has the super fast connection, so i´m taking advantage of it by uploading a bunch of photos i´ve been wanting to post for a while. so here they are!

LAGUNA LAS NINFAS (second hike)

a view from laguna las ninfas overlooking the valley and the volcanoes izalco, cerro verde and santa ana. i took like 6 photos in panoramic mode and then put them together...the color doesn´t totally match, but it gives you an idea of the spectacular views i have here in the apaneca region.

another spliced together photo - this time of laguna las ninfas. it was about 4:00 pm when i took this picture and the sun was setting over the ridge above the laguna.

this is one of my favorite photos that i´ve taken since being here in el sal. i took this the second time i hiked the laguna, about a month or so ago. the day we hiked it the weather was totally perfect and the colors in the laguna were awesome.

nothing special, just a leaf i photographed in laguna las ninfas...but the greenest leaf i´ve ever seen, i swear to you!!!

this tree´s leaves (i actually think it´s a vine and not a tree) grow with those holes in them...totally cool, i had not ever seen that before.

this flower grows wild all over the place here.

ok, there are trees like this all over my area, and i always think they look like the trees from lothlorien (from lord of the rings....uh, yeah...LOTR). i still haven´t figured out if they´re ceibas, arboles de la montaña or amates...i never have my tree book with me. but i´m on a mission to identify them all because i think they´re absolutely magnificent. these photos don´t even do them justice...i did take about 5 photos in the panoramic mode of this tree and am in the process of trying to splice it together, but it´s harder when you´re trying to put it together vertically as opposed to horizontally. anyway.

another one of the lord of the rings tree.

me standing in front of yet another LOTR tree. it was DAMN hot that day...hence my ¨take the friggin´ picture already¨ look.

LAGUNA VERDE (second hike)

i´m really trying here with these panoramic shots...this one isn´t that great of laguna verde, but hey, i tried!!!

the die-hard clavel - which means carnation in english. but it looks nothing like any carnation i´ve ever seen. when i think of carnations, i think of 80´s movies where teenage boys are wearing those dopey flowers in their jackets at high school dances. anyway, this flower grows everywhere here, in the wild and in cultivated flower gardens.

not sure what the name of this flower is. i just liked it.

another photo of the laguna...i tried to get a good detailed shot of the pine forest that surrounds the laguna.

this is a view from the hike to laguna verde. i liked this photo because it shows how it´s just not a couple of mountains that surround my apaneca, but a few strings of mountains that go all the way into santa ana and beyond. so totally cool!


this tree is in the park in ataco and is HUGE. i THINK it´s either a ceiba or an amate, but it´s just enormous. the white at the bottom is paint that is supposed to keep insects and animals away from it.

view of the colonial catholic church in ataco, through the giant trees in the park.


this painting is hanging on the wall of this yucca place that serves awesome licuados too. anyway, i LOVE it because it´s an exact replica of ANY pupuseria, small or large, in el salvador. it´s got the curtido, the salsa, the dog sleeping on the floor, the tamales....everything.

this woman has a yucca stand and also serves elote (corn on the cob) roasted over the grill. she and her husband are super nice and are always good for a laugh!

the yucca woman´s husband


this is the intersection where the buses come through down the street from where i live. i liked the aqua painted building there. typical latin american color. (my cuarto is painted aqua and purple and the bathroom is green)

the street that runs in front of the hostal...if you look closely you can just make out a yellow building (on the left side)...that´s the hostal

one of the murals painted on behalf of the fmln candidate in apaneca. too bad she lost. the other people in the mural are shafick handel and oscar romero.