Friday, July 28, 2006


well, believe it or not, there´s a week of vacations (called agostinas) again this coming week. no school all week, so i´ll have some time to finish some of the activities i´m working on for the kids. not sure what else i´m doing except going to san sal because i think i have parasites STILL. i was fine for most of july, más or menos. but this week has been a little reminiscent of may and june. what if i have parasites for the rest of my life? holy moly. that would really, really suck. no, i mean REALLY. maybe i don´t have them and i´m just being paranoid. because, in the past, my stomach would act weird and i wouldn´t think anything of it. but now that i´ve had parasites, i think every little stomach ailment is parasites. i hope i´m just being a paranoid freak. aahhhh, el salvador. how my heart loves you and my stomach hates you at the same time.

and believe it or not, i´m planning on hiking another mountain. ok, before you tell me to go back and re-read my post about the LAST mountain i climbed, let me explain. this one is at york´s site, in upper chalatenango. supposedly, according to york, it´s only a couple of hours to the top. and in honduras, york and i had a little talk about climbing mountains. he drunkenly explained to me that everyone hated that mountain and that everyone is not having a good time when they´re climbing. it´s not just me. and he also said that we actually made good time on that hike at kate´s site. kate said the same thing when i last talked to i don´t know. at the time, i thought i was the only one who was cursing that climb...which is so egotistical. so i´m going to go on this next one. yes, i admit, it only being 2 hours is the biggest factor in my agreeing to go, but whatever. we´ll see. it´s not until the 9th - it´s another ¨full moon hike and bluegrass party¨ (that´s what we´ve officially named these hikes) - and hopefully it won´t be raining.

oh, remember that crazy turtle shell i told you about? the one in the pupuseria? well, tonight we were sitting there eating and i felt something on my foot - i had on my flip-flops - and i about screamed. i was like ¨what the fuck is that!¨ and antonio´s like ¨qué pasó? qué pasó?¨ and i look down and it´s that damn turtle, who must be blind, because it was attempting to crawl through the back of my foot. seriously? is that the turtle´s home? i mean, if i were that turtle, i´d pick another place to settle down because underneath a bench in a pupuseria can´t be the most tranquilo of places. damn, was i freaked out though. because here in el salvador, turtles are not the first things you think of when you feel something crawling on your foot......

anyway, check out national geographic online ( there is a cool photo history of photographer tom abercrombie´s work. not only do i wish i could visit the places he visited during his life, but i´d give anything to be able to photograph those places as well as he did.

that´s it for now. megan and anna are coming to visit tomorrow...another molineros reunion. yeah!

adios for now!