Friday, June 30, 2006

estoy triste!

well, like i said, it was a good game. but in the end argentina lost. on penalty shots though, so basically what it came down to was that the backup goalkeeper, franco, (the regular goalkeeper, abbondanzieri, was hurt during the second half), didn´t play so well. during the penalty kicks from germany, every time he went the opposite direction of the friggin´ ball. argentina played awesomely and held out 1-1 through the regular game and into the extra time, and then like i said, it went to the penalty kick phase and there they lost it. germany had the better goalkeeper. they also fiercely stepped it up during the second half so i´ll hand it to them. it didn´t hurt also that they were playing in front of a stadium of fans in GERMANY. so yes, i´m sad today, but oh well! at least the detroit tigers are kicking ass!!! tomorrow´s july 1st and they´ve still got THE BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL.

you know though, while baseball will always be my favorite sport, followed closely by hockey, i think soccer has moved up in front of both football americana AND basketball. i´ve always been into sports (well not really boxing or curling or stuff like the tour de france) so it´s easy for me to follow a sport even if i´m not particularly all that interested. i was like this with soccer before, like up until about 5-6 years ago. i started paying attention a little more year after year, and when i finally moved here, it all accelerated and now i think it´s such a great game. not a lot of screwing around....somebody´s hurt? well they have to get their ass off the field real quick because the clock ain´t stopping. i think that´s the think i HATE most about basketball is those last 3 minutes of the game when all they´re doing is fouling to take their chances on the other team missing foul shots. what a bore. and football - yes, it can get pretty dramatic, and those beautiful long passes that get caught are a great part of the game. but it seems too easy to score in football. seriously, you only have to be within about 35 yards or so of the goal to score a field goal, so it´s like almost all the time if a team can move the ball at least to the 45 or 40 they at least have a shot if their kicker doesn´t suck. i don´t know. maybe i´ll feel differently once i´m back in the states and i´m laying on the couch on a saturday or sunday fall afternoon and the hum of some game is on in the background, or it´s a good michigan vs. whoever game.

but right now, fútbol is where it´s at! well, behind baseball and hockey which are where it´s REALLY at!

so who´s gonna win the world cup? odds are for brazil. i think germany´s good, but i don´t think they can beat brazil...... we´ll see!!

adios for now.