Friday, March 09, 2007

sad news

rufina amaya, the salvadoran woman i´ve written about a couple times here in the blog, died this week. here´s a short article if you´ve no idea who i´m talking about. i´m quite saddened by this news as i got to meet rufina amaya and heard her story first-hand back in training in 2005.

ok, so in the next entry i will have pictures for you, i promise! i had my full moon hike, which was crazy and fun. i thought only ¨the core¨ (the name we´ve given ourselves, the ones who´ve made it to all or most of the full moon hikes) would be in attendance, along with a couple others. but about 20 people showed up! it was a little overwhelming at first having this big gob of peace corps volunteers roaming around apaneca until we left for the hike. but it all went fine and it was a great time. so i´ll have those pictures in the next entry.

also, the map project´s taking a little longer than expected. that´s mostly because sunday, monday and tuesday of this week were days of wind. i´m just gonna start calling them that, just like one would say that there were rainy days. it was sooooo godawful windy, things would not stay on my clothesline, like the clothespins wouldn´t even stay put. and painting more of the map was totally out of the question as it´d just get covered with the small tornadoes of dirt that were blowing around. so we had to pick up on wednesday. there are only a few things left to add and then the varnish and it will be complete! the teachers now want me to paint other things around the school, and the directora of the unidad de salud was at our school on wednesday for ¨escuela saludables¨ and saw the map and wants me to paint things at the unidad de salud in apaneca now. i´ve never considered myself an artist or anything, but put a can of paint in my hands and everyone in el salvador thinks i´m fucking diego rivera. hey, whatever works.

so i´ll leave you with that. have a great weekend!!!

buenas noches!