Monday, March 23, 2009

molineros revisited

remember these kids?

i paid one last visit to my family in molineros a couple weeks ago. it was like i never left! except for the fact that dayana and sindy were both a lot taller! sindy´s now 4 1/2 years old and in pre-kindergarten and dayana´s 9 and in 4th grade! what? ana´s now playing softball with some other women from molineros. i went and played with her the day i visited and man, i haven´t run full speed around the bases in a long time!

dayana and sindy with mama rosa

sindy ready for school

sindy and her cousin hazel ready to go to school


nothing has changed in molineros. it was exactly like it was when i first showed up that rainy september in 2005. ana still has her tienda, mama rosa and papa ovidio still live across the street. mama viviana is still going strong. jaqueline still comes over with hazel all the time. the same chamacos still hang out above the tienda and yell ¨hey baby, hello¨ when i am walking to ana´s house. it´s still hot as hell during the day there. ana still makes the best food. everything´s the same!

anyway, it was really fun hanging with my first salvadoran family again and i was sooooo sad when i had to say goodbye. ana is really like a mom to me and sindy and dayana are truly like my little sisters! perhaps the feeling hit me that i was really leaving el salvador when dayana said ¨laura, no quiero que se vaya¨ and i realized i wouldn´t be able to come back whenever i wanted. ít´s only going to get worse over the last final week!!!

adios for now.