Thursday, August 17, 2006

happy thursday! here´s some photo updates

got a lot for you....a new entry (below this one about the hike to la peña) and since i finally can add lots more photos (it´s hard to find a computer here in el sal that has firefox on it) and since i got a bunch of pictures from courtney from previous stuff we did, i´m updating some of the previous entries with more´s which ones:

THE LEMPIRA MINDFUCK (july 10, 2006): more photos of mine from honduras, as well as some of courtney´s. you really should go back and look at the added pictures of the kids in the park there. and the pictures of us at the bar with those crazy hondurans are truly hilarious.

LA MONTAÑA: A REALLY PATHETIC DOCUMENTARY (may 17, 2006): a couple more pictures of the view there on the mountain. but the best picture yet is one that courtney took of me as i was nearing the end of the hike. i am NOT happy and the picture definitely shows it! ha!

ALSO, two more sets of pictures.....some i took on my last trip to laguna las ninfas.....there will always be something to take a picture of there!

flowers and lilypads in laguna las ninfas

me standing at the top of the south side of cerro las ninfas

view of the clouds hanging over the valley

beautiful view overlooking the valley leading to juayua (juayua is in the northeast corner)

view overlooking the opposite side of the mountain into the clouds which are about to overtake us!

same view, literally two seconds later. the clouds moved fast through the area, leaving us surrounded by them which was kind of eerie.

view of the laguna amongst the clouds

a rainwater filled leaf on the trail

these two kids are brothers and live in one of the houses that antonio visits in the laguna. the kid on the left (with the hat) has some kind of muscular disability and can hardly walk, but he his so happy all the time. he remembers me every time i visit that house and he gets all beside himself laughing whenever i show up because he knows i will play jokes and act funny. he´s so adorable. seriously, if he can laugh and have a good time having the disability he has, not to mention his family being super poor, i really have nothing to complain about.

more clouds rolling in over the laguna

another view of the lilypads and flowers of my family that i took back in july when i visited for dayana´s birthday....

sindy´s quite the big girl now