Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tortillas y pupusas

antonio´s mom and sister and i decided to have a pupusa-making day at their house the other weekend. it was super fun and even though our pupusas weren´t the most beautiful, they were still really good. hopefully i will be able to make them in the states, only i´ll have to use harina instead of corn masa. but, still they´ll be pupusas. anyway, here´s some photos.

firing up the stove

gloria shredding cabbage for the curtido

meanwhile, me and antonio´s mom made tortillas. it doesn´t matter that we´re making pupusas, every salvadoran household has to have tortillas in it at all times.

mixing up moras (kind of like spinach) with quesillo for the pupusas

gloria stirring the salsa de tomate

flattening out the masa to add the ingredients - i´m making pupusas with mora y queso and gloría´s making the frijol con queso pupusas

antonio´s mom waiting for the pupusas to cook

i don´t know how salvadorans do face got all red and my eyes were watering from being in that small space with the smoking stove. meanwhile, antonio´s mom and gloria didn´t shed one tear the whole time.....

the final product, pupusas, curtido and salsa de tomate

antonio, our first client!