Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this is the end

well, after almost four years of salvadoran everything, it´s time to say goodbye. i´ve really liked writing in the blog and posting pictures for everyone to get a glimpse of what life´s been like for me down here in the savior.

saying goodbye, as you can imagine, is really sad. while i´m really looking forward to seeing all my friends and family in the states, i have somehow created a whole other life for myself down here. my life has become so different from what it was in the states back before i set foot in el salvador. and i´m used to this new life. so making the change back to the united states is going to be very difficult for me. i´ve been here for almost four years. FOUR YEARS!!! i never imagined i´d be here for that long. i never imagined i´d get married to a salvadoran. NEVER! but i did and i´m happy i did. but not only did i marry a salvadoran, i married el salvador...because i´ll definitely be back. so while i´m sad to leave, i´m also looking at it as simply an extended trip up north. sure i´m going to try and get a job and set up shop there, but i´ll still be able to come back to el salvador whenever i want to. and even though i´m sad about leaving the life i´ve created for myself down here, i´ll be doing the same up north with antonio all over again. it might seem overwhelming now, but it´s just another part of my life.

it´s been a trip, that´s for sure. but i´ve learned so much from my time in the peace corps, but mostly i´ve learned a lot from the salvadoran people. hopefully i´ve taught them some things too. even though that´s only a third of what the peace corps goal is, in my opinion, it´s the most important part of the peace corps goal. and i feel like i´ve really hit that part of the peace corps goal out of the park. when you can walk into any of the houses in your pueblo and be accepted as family, you know you´ve made an impact. so i´ll pat myself on the back for that. but mostly it´s the salvadorans who accepted me as one of their own who deserve a pat on the back.

even though i wouldn´t call myself a ¨world traveler,¨ i´ve done my fair share of traveling. and let me tell you, of all of the countries i´ve visited, including other central american ones, el salvador has the friendliest, most kind-hearted people and it´s been a joy working and chotearing with them. they are the greatest. i hope that my blog´s given a fair shake to salvadorans and el salvador, and i hope that for everyone out there who has read this blog, they feel like they´ve gotten to know el salvador a little bit.

anyway, that´s where i´m gonna leave it. so adios and que les vaya bien!